How to measure for your new Luxury Vinyl Tiles flooring

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Measuring your floor

Measuring your house for new Karndean or Amtico Luxury Vinyl Flooring can seem like a tricky task. By following our simple guidelines, we will help you not only work out how much flooring you need but how many boxes of your chosen floor you should order.

Using a tape measure, the first thing you will need to do is measure the width and length of your room. Let's start with square and rectangle shaped rooms, the easy ones.......


Width(m) x Length(m) = Floor needed (m²)

8m x 6m = 48m²



When measuring for a new floor it is always very important that you allow extra for cuts and waste. The industry standard is to add between 5% and 10% to your approximated floor area. 

For example, if we use a minimum of 5% for the above floor area:

Floor Area = 48

Minimum extra needed for Cuts/Waste = 5% of 48m² = 2.4m²

Total = 48m² + 2.4m² = 50.4m² 

(Tip: The easiest way to work out 5% extra on your calculator is perform - 48 x 1.05,   or for 10% extra -  48 x 1.1)

So for a rectangular room which is 8m x 6m, we would recommend ordering minimum of 50.4m².


If your room is an 'L' shaped room then separate the room into two rectangles to measure.

Part 1 - 8m x 6m = 48m²

Part 2 - 4m x 12m = 48m²

Part 1 + Part 2 = 48m² + 48m² = 96m²

Remember to add on at least 5% for Cuts/Waste:

Minimum extra needed for Cuts/Waste = 5% of 96m² = 4.8m²

Therefore for the example above you would need to order 

Total = 96m² + 4.8m² = 100.8m²


Tip: To measure really odd shaped rooms just adopt this approach of splitting your room into smaller sized squares or rectangles and measuring each part individually and then add the results together.


How many Boxes do I need?

Once you have worked out how much flooring you think you need then you need to find out how much floor each box of tiles will cover. 

Tip: Each type of flooring can have different size of floor area in their box,  e.g:

  • Karndean Art Select EW02 Hickory Peppercorn - Box size 3.34m²
  • Karndean Van Gogh VGW44T Lancewood - Box size 3.25m²

So for the Rectangular shaped room above - total area = 50.4m², you would divide by the amount in a box e.g:

  • Karndean Art Select EW02 Hickory Peppercorn - 50.4m² ÷ 3.34 = 15.1 - so 15 boxes should be adequate.


Tip:  Not sure? Confused? We are always happy to answer all your questions, give us a call on 01704 579999

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