Karndean Design Strips

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Having Design Strips laid with your new Karndean flooring is a personal choice. There are many things to consider, firstly to decide weather to have stripping separating your tiles or not.

Here we have Karndean Knight Tile ST13 Portland Stone. Firstly laid without strips then in the second picture laid with Karndean DS10 3mm Chalk Design Strip.

As you can see, these are two completely different looks. 

Karndean Design strips not only come in 18 different colours but also in 3 differerent size. 3mm. 5mm and 10mm

Here we have the same tile - Karnden Knight Tile SE13 Portland Stone laid with Karndean DS10 10mm Chalk Design Strip

Now with a dark strip, ST13 laid with DS07 3mm Ebony Design Strip


Please have a look to see the different Karndean Flooring Design Strips

If you would like to come into our Showroom and see for yourself the different looks Karndean Design Strips can make please call to arrange an appointment 01704 579999

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